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Pier 9, Suite 100       San Francisco, CA 94111

Practice Areas

We specialize in criminal defense in federal and state courts, and represent a broad range of clients through all phases of thejustice system. Learn more about some of our areas of expertise.

Title IX Investigations

Facing sexual violence or sexual harassment allegations can have a significant impact on your life, especially if you are a student or employee at an educational institution. Do not risk irreparable damage to your education, career, and overall reputation by trying to navigate the challenges of a Title IX investigation on your own. Let us help you – having a criminal defense attorney with Title IX expertise on your side can make all the difference.

Federal Criminal Defense

The United States of America vs. You is not a fair fight. You need an attorney with substantial federal experience - like ours - to balance the odds when facing FBI investigators and the federal sentencing guidelines.

State Criminal Defense

The vast majority of crimes are charged in overcrowded state criminal courts. Make sure your defense doesn’t get lost in the shuffle: an aggressive defense makes all the difference.

Compassionate Release

Federal Courts around the country are now able to grant immediate compassionate release to defendants who show “extraordinary and compelling circumstances,” such as being a vulnerable to COVID-19 and trapped in a dangerous federal prison. If you or a loved one are in federal prison and want out, give us a call.

Crimmigration Defense

If you are not a U.S. Citizen, even a minor criminal case could force you into exile. A criminal defense attorney with an in- depth understanding of immigration law can guide often guide you to a non-deportable outcome. Our lawyers regularly represent non-citizens in criminal court and challenge old convictions for people in deportation proceedings.

Health Care Fraud

We represent health care providers, plans, and patients in a wide range of billing fraud, anti-kickback, and other health care- related cases.

Investigations and Pre-Charging Advocacy

The best time to defend a case is before it is charged, while you are still under investigation. It is easier to keep a case from being filed than to dismiss one that has. And the wrong decision during an investigation could make your case much worse. If you believe that you are, or may come under, investigation by government authorities, give us a call.

Drug Offenses

From simple possession to federal racketeering conspiracies, we have spent years defending Americans from the War on Drugs.

Firearms Offenses

Defending firearms cases effectively requires an in-depth understanding of the Fourth Amendment’s ban on unreasonable searches and seizures.

Seizure and Asset Forfeiture Defense

If the government has seized your money or property, you may be able to go to court and get it back. We have helped clients recover property seized by state and federal agencies, even when they are the targets of criminal investigations.

Violent Offenses

Being accused of a violent crime can destroy your life, regardless of your actual guilt. A good lawyer can be the difference between life and death.

RICO and Conspiracy Offenses

Conspiracy charges against multiple people are best defended by a group of skilled attorneys working together. We have lengthy experience defending conspiracies and can provide independent but collaborative counsel for families, friends, and colleagues who are jointly charged.

Professional Licensing Defense

Losing your medical, legal, or other professional license can throw you into poverty and destroy your career. We can help prevent that from happening.

Regulatory Offenses

Not all investigations wind up in criminal court. That does not mean they cannot have life-altering consequences. We can help.

Victim and Witness Representation

Sadly, victims are often mistreated or disregarded in the churn of the criminal justice system. Witnesses can become defendants if they do not take the proper steps. If you are the victim of a crime or are served with a subpoena, a lawyer can protect your rights and interests and keep you out of harm’s way.

Computer Crimes

From hacking to cryptocurrency fraud, we are a 21st century law firm defending 21st century cases.
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