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San Francisco, CA 94111
Pier 9, Suite 100       San Francisco, CA 94111

Civil Litigation

At Hickey & Chung LLP, our attorneys serve as counsel in a range of civil cases. Our experience, thorough case preparation, and professional presentation in court has led to many positive outcomes in challenging civil cases. If you are facing a civil case, we urge you to connect with us to evaluate your case and advise you of your legal options.

Our scope of civil representation practice: Hickey & Chung LLC

When you need a civil attorney, the firm you select is arguably the most critical factor in how the case is resolved. When represented by our legal team at Hickey & Chung, LLP, you can be confident that your case will be given the attention it deserves, and you can expect responsive legal service throughout every phase of the process.

  • Employment matters and termination issues: If you have been wrongfully terminated or are the victim of unfair employment practices where you work, our civil attorneys could take action to help you seek justice, such as full restoration of your employment, back pay, or a settlement that reflects the extent of the damages you experienced.
  • Business formation, incorporation, capital raising: Our attorneys are engaged in a range of critical actions for business owners, including business formation, defending regulatory violations and tax violations, and providing legal support for a wide array of business law matters.
  • Contracting: Your business contracts are a foundation of the success of your business. No “boilerplate” contracts will provide your company with the level of legal protection it may need in the future. We draft contracts for business of all types, customized to provide the best protection possible.
  • Civil disputes: Many civil disputes can be resolved through arbitration or mediation. If you are involved in a civil dispute in which another party accused you or your business for causing some type of harm, you need legal protection that has the experience and knowledge to protect your rights, interests, and reputation.
  • Property development and litigation: A property development project can be stalled due to challenges by various parties, whether a contractor, city, environmental agency, or others. These legal problems must be resolved as quickly as possible. At Hickey & Chung LLC, our legal team provides the talented legal counsel you need to bring a civil real estate matter to resolution.
  • Non-profit management: Your non-profit organization requires legal counsel to manage a range of legal matters, including contracts, operational responsibilities, assistance in raising capital and many other vital actions. Our responsive, talented legal team can provide this service, and allow you to focus on your mission and execute the strategies of your non-profit, rather than spending time on the various legal issues that can arise.

Resolving civil matters out of court: Our process

When two parties are involved in a dispute, resolving it quickly and effectively not only saves time and money, but allows the parties involved to move forward. Issues such as real estate disputes, personal injury cases, employment and labor disputes, breaches of contract, education law disputes, or others can often be resolved without the need to go to trial. Our firm provides certain benefits not every firm can offer. We have access to professional resources such as PIs, financial consultants, tax advisors, and others that can help move the case forward to a faster, more efficient resolution. We do all we can to keep the cost of litigation reasonable and bring the matter to a final resolution without the need to take the case to civil court. Should it be necessary, you can trust our legal team to present a well-crafted, professional case on your behalf.

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