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Criminal Defense Law Firm in the Bay Area

If you or a loved one is under investigation by the authorities or has been charged with a serious offense, the quality, dedication, and talent of your criminal attorney could not be more critical. Being caught in the criminal justice system is a very frightening, stressful, and uncomfortable experience. Under the US Constitution, you are innocent until proven guilty, but you may be treated as if you are guilty of the crime. One person stands between you and the full force of the justice system: your criminal defense lawyer.

You have rights, and we protect you at every phase of your case

At Hickey & Chung, LLP, our legal team is made up of top-rated defense lawyers who have an uncommon level of dedication to their clients. The criminal justice system in California and the San Francisco courts are exceptionally tough, manned with career prosecutors who are driven to achieve a conviction. 

It is imperative that you are represented by a talented litigator who can challenge the evidence against you and seek the most favorable outcome, whether case dismissal, reduced charges, or an acquittal, and is willing to work long hours to craft a powerful defense. Our firm has the support of professional resources such as PIs, financial consultants, tax advisors, and other experts to assist in preparing your defense when needed. 

Our scope of practice at Hickey & Chung LLP

  • White-collar defense: Our attorney team provides defense counsel in a range of white-collar cases, including accusations of fraud, embezzlement, corruption, corporate espionage, trade secret theft, intellectual property theft, mail fraud, money laundering, RICO cases, whistleblower cases, and others.
  • Securities and investment fraud: Accusations that you or your organization has been involved in misrepresenting the information investors access when making decisions. These cases may be filed against an individual, a brokerage firm, or an investment bank. Defending these complex cases requires a rare level of experience and skill.
  • Tax offenses: Tax crimes include tax evasion, filing a false income tax return, or failing to file a return at all. Once you or your business are accused of a tax offense, your future financial health, along with your professional reputation, licensure, and freedoms, are all at risk. 
  • State criminal defense: Criminal charges filed in the San Francisco Bay Area will involve proceedings at the Civic Center Courthouse, the Hall of Justice, the Polk Street Annex, or in San Mateo County at the Hall of Justice and Records in Redwood City, or The Northern Branch in South San Francisco. Our talented criminal defense team covers the entire area and is experienced at defending against a wide range of criminal charges.
  • Immigration defense: The immigration system in the USA is in turmoil. If you or a family member has come under the scrutiny of the immigration authorities, whether ICE, DHS, USCIS, or CBP, you are facing a complex situation. At Hickey & Chung LLP, our legal team has extensive experience in immigration law and protecting the rights of people facing incarceration or deportation.
  • Seizure and asset forfeiture defense: If the state or federal authorities believe your assets were gained through criminal activities, they have the right to seize property, even when no criminal conviction has been achieved. You, however, have the right to a defense against this.
  • Drug offenses: If you are accused of a drug crime, whether possession, possession with intent, trafficking, or manufacturing, you need a talented criminal attorney to help you fight to avoid serious legal consequences.
  • Firearms offenses: In California, gun crimes are heavily punished by fines and incarceration. If you are facing a criminal offense involving the use of a firearm in a crime or possession of an illegal weapon, your future freedom is at risk. 
  • Violent offenses: At Hickey & Chung, LLC, we represent clients in a range of violent crime cases. Exercise your right to remain silent and contact us about defending your case.
  • Title IX: Title IX cases involving sex discrimination in any educational program or activity can wreak havoc on your professional reputation, your employment, and your financial health. Engage an attorney who has experience defending you against these accusations.
  • Domestic violence: While domestic violence cases are common, these cases may be the result of false accusations, exaggerations of facts, or the result of acting in self-defense. 
  • Sexual offenses: The penalties imposed on sexual offenses can ruin your life forever. If you are accused of a sex offense, your first action must be to engage a criminal attorney with extensive trial experience and a record of positive case results.
  • Civil litigation: A wide range of cases are resolved in civil court, which has a different set of rules than criminal court. Business lawsuits, civil rights cases, product liability, and others may land in civil court for resolution.
  • Whistleblower representation: A whistleblower must have legal representation, as various scenarios may occur, including the accusation that the claim is false.
  • Compassionate release: An incarcerated individual who is of advanced age, ill, suffering from disabilities, or has family issues that outweigh the need for further time spent behind bars can pursue compassionate release.
  • Healthcare fraud: If you are accused of committing healthcare fraud, your legal situation is extremely dangerous. Whether you are a medical provider or own or manage a clinic, it is imperative that you retain counsel immediately.
  • Habeas corpus and post-conviction relief: A writ of habeas corpus is filed to challenge the legality of a state or federal statute used in the case against a convicted person and the judicial proceedings that led to incarceration.
  • RICO and conspiracy offenses: RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) and charges of conspiracy filed against you or your business activities can lead to terrible consequences, including property seizure and forfeiture, along with fines and a term in prison.
  • Professional licensing defense: If you are facing the loss of a professional license, whether medical, legal, accounting, real estate, or another type of license, your ability to practice your profession is in question. Get help from an attorney before your case proceeds.
  • Regulatory offenses: Crimes related to tax and accounting irregularities, financial misconducts, along with cases of fraud, bribery, price fixing, and a range of other violations.
  • Victim and witness representation: If you are the target of a criminal investigation, there is no question that you need a criminal lawyer to protect your rights throughout the process. Victims of harassment, blackmail, extortion, or other similar acts also need the protection provided by an attorney.
  • Computer crimes: Many computer crimes are filed at the federal level and often are the result of an investigation by the FBI or another agency. If you are charged with a computer crime, you need the protection of an experienced cybercrime defense lawyer immediately.
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