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Pier 9, Suite 100       San Francisco, CA 94111

Cryptocurrency and Crypto Tax Lawyers

If the uncharted legalities of the newly minted crypto economy feel overwhelming, you are not alone. Each year, thousands of crypto owners turn to qualified, experienced cryptocurrency lawyers to help them wade through complex legal intricacies and IRS regulations so they can feel secure and grounded in their numbers. At Hickey & Chung, we work with individual investors, traders, exchange builders, businesses, startups, venture capital firms, and blockchain enterprises to efficiently and effectively address their legal concerns and tax questions.

What a cryptocurrency lawyer can do for you

Recently, the IRS has initiated a tax collection program targeting cryptocurrency traders with mentions of back taxes and penalties, yet much of the specifics remain elusive. A good cryptocurrency lawyer can ensure you keep your digital gains, providing the astute advice you desperately need at this moment in time. 

At Hickey & Chung, we’ve helped hundreds of investors and business owners to evade a crypto audit and settle enormous tax bills. Our proven strategies and unwavering commitment to protecting your assets have earned our firm a reputation for exceptional results. With Hickey & Chung, you can rest assured that you will remain free from the IRS’s scrutiny. 

Some of the legal issues we can address include:

  • Registering as a broker-dealer
  • Functioning as a commodity pool operator 
  • Commodity trading
  • Running an investment company
  • Securities exchanges and transactions
  • Initial coin offerings and M&A transactions
  • Running a money service business
  • Compliance laws (valuation, custody, and reporting)
  • Corporate law
  • Dealing with shareholder records
  • Fund formation
  • Launching ETFs and derivatives
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Litigation
  • Regulatory enforcement
  • Crowdfunding parameters

Deciphering complex cryptocurrency laws and regulations

Because cryptocurrency lawmaking is in its infancy, the judiciary has yet to set many of its rules in stone. This makes it even more challenging to navigate the murky waters of crypto laws without outside help. Confusion at the federal level has not prevented many states from creating and passing their own cryptocurrency statutes. International finance laws will also come into play, as crypto is a global currency that is traded worldwide.

Working with investors and startups

Our highly trained and vetted crypto lawyers can answer questions about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoin, providing personalized solutions and workarounds. We work with ICOs, investors, blockchain startups, and venture capital businesses to relieve their legal concerns so they can get back to doing what they do best.

Why choose Hickey & Chung?

Hickey & Chung provides sophisticated legal counsel and knowledgeable answers to clients seeking to maneuver through rapidly changing crypto laws and stipulations. At the core of our world-class cryptocurrency practice is a fluid understanding of blockchain technology and the ever-evolving computing networks that drive distribution. 

As bitcoin has grown from the abstract idea of decentralized currency to a practical reality that is here to stay, we provide our clients with the tools and acumen they need to navigate their industries for years to come.


Brendan Hickey graduated from Harvard Law School cum laude and has worked as the founder of Defender Services since 2010. He is a former Federal Public Defender who functioned as lead defense counsel for a wide variety of federal and state criminal cases. He possesses an intricate knowledge of the evolving cryptocurrency landscape complex cryptocurrency laws and has assisted numerous hundreds of clients to deal with cryptocurrency legal troubles, including IRS-related questions and concerns.


Naomi Chung graduated from The University of Chicago Law School before going on to run her own criminal defense practice. She joined with Mr. Hickey to establish Hickey & Chung LLP as a primary destination for anyone seeking reliable, trustworthy legal representation. She is an uncompromising advocate for clients seeking to guard against criminal liability in relation to cryptocurrency and NFT projects, and  relief from IRS cryptocurrency auditing and for those dealing with the myriad of new laws and stipulations around Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Our experience

  • Advice and assistance related to all phases of the fundraising process: 
    • fund formation, regulatory compliance, market terms
    • prepping offering documents, updating private placement memoranda, penning limited partnership and subscription agreements
    • complying with global regulatory requirements
    • structuring investments and incentives
  • Overseeing proposals for cryptocurrency funds registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission 
    • Investment Company Act and Securities Act navigation
    • dealing with physical crypto holdings
    • writing futures contracts
  • Ironing out registration statements and filings
  • Advising on issues related to blockchain technology for conventional asset classes
  • Advising on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and National Futures Association’s newest regulations regarding crypto derivatives and digital assets
  • Navigating laws regarding initial coin offerings
  • Tackling anti-money laundering issues
  • Guarding against criminal liability relating to projects based in blockchain technology
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