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What you need to know about prescription fraud

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2024 | Professional Licensing Defense

One of the crimes within the medical industry is prescription fraud. It can be extremely dangerous as it not only puts patients’ health in jeopardy, but it also puts the credibility of the medical community on the line.

What is prescription fraud and its consequences?

When doctors or pharmacists misuse their authority to issue prescriptions for controlled substances or medications without a legitimate medical purpose, that is prescription fraud. It may also include stealing or forging a prescription or using a prescription that a patient obtains through illegal means. Prescription fraud puts patient health and well-being are at risk. Prescribing medication without proper evaluation may lead to adverse effects. It may also lead to drug interactions that may be dangerous, and even addiction.

Healthcare professionals who engage in prescription fraud may face serious legal consequences, which could include fines and imprisonment. ­Revocation of professional licenses of healthcare professionals who commit fraud may also be a punishment, as well as paying restitution to victims of the fraud.

Per the Federal Bureau of Investigation, healthcare fraud – which includes prescription fraud – may lead to tens of billions of dollars lost annually. It is imperative for medical professionals to avoid committing fraud and more importantly, create a credible, trustworthy healthcare system that prioritizes patient health.

What can you do if you face prescription fraud charges?

While prescription fraud is a serious criminal charge, there are possible defenses that may be available depending on your case. This may include showing that prescriptions were issued in good faith, as well as demonstrating intent to use the drugs legally.

If you are facing prescription fraud charges, it is important to remember that you have constitutional rights and that there are defenses that may be available to you. An experienced attorney may advise you of your legal options and help you achieve the best possible outcome.