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Hear what our clients and colleagues have to say about us:

I went through 7 different lawyers before I finally found Naomi. She is very fast, helpful, and non-judgmental. Naomi gives responses that are straight-to-the-point and very useful (none of the “it depends…” waffling or fence-straddling that is common among many other lawyers) and replied to my emails late at night and even on weekends. She never made me feel like a burden. It may sound cliche but she is truly different.

– B.F.

From our first meeting, I knew I would receive excellent representation from Naomi and her team. They were astute in understanding the details; their advice was tailored to my case and they were focused on presenting my statement in the strongest terms. Naomi and Maria’s institutional experience, professionalism and thorough responses were critical in clearing the charge against me. Their work is conducted with support and compassion, which enabled me to endure this experience.

– G.M.

I’m just letting you know that I’m doin’ great and I feel amazing and healthy and I’m so thankful for you not giving up on me and because of that I will not give up on myself…. thank you for everything.

– K.T.

I give Attorney Naomi Chung my highest recommendation without any reservations. I retained Attorney Chung to represent me in a very complicated case and she was very professional, hardworking, dedicated and extremely smart. If you need a great attorney, there is no need to look any further.

– Dr. B.

Best lawyer I’ve ever had!  Brendan Hickey was everything I could have asked for in a lawyer…To say he went above and beyond to help me on my case would be a severe understatement. If you are looking for a lawyer to represent you to the fullest extent I would highly recommend Brendan Hickey.

– J.W.

Professional, empathetic, and a relentless advocate, Naomi took hold of my case and rid my life of an extremely detrimental problem…. I’m no longer burdened by the dumb mistake I made and do not have to worry that my record might still be out there in the ether somewhere. I would highly recommend Naomi to friends, family and colleagues who need an attorney.

– R.W.

Naomi is an amazing attorney and I am so glad she was able to represent me. She is very responsive and went above and beyond my expectations. Naomi showed professionalism throughout the time we were together, yet I felt comfortable and at ease when speaking with her. She showed confidence, knowledge, and I am grateful for everything Naomi has done for me! I highly recommend Naomi… 5+ stars and many thanks!!!

– A.W.

Naomi was such a welcoming presence for me as I was dealing with an unfortunate and unnerving situation.  She brought a sense of calm and professionalism and empathy that helped me navigate the situation.  Ultimately, she brought the issue to resolution and was very instrumental in closing it out.  Thank you Naomi.  If you are in need of assistance you can trust she will give her all to help you.

– T.K.

If there is one thing I can say about Attorney Chung, it is that she is unequivocally dedicated to all of her clients. Attorney Chung is the type of lawyer that stays late into the evenings and comes in on weekends in order to make sure that she provides the highest quality of services to all of her clients. I personally saw the care and commitment she gives to her cases. I highly recommend Attorney Chung as she has well over the requisite mind and heart to help you through an incredibly difficult time.

– F.N.

Brilliant Trial Attorney.  I retained Attorney Brendan Hickey as my Criminal Defense for a complicated case in Federal Court. Attorney Hickey’s performance was exemplary. He is very intelligent and hardworking; he is highly recommended!

– Dr. G.B.

Naomi is dedicated, proactive and very passionate about giving her clients the best representation possible. I found her very knowledgeable and responsive to questions. She understands that being charged with a crime is a frightening situation that most of us don’t deal with frequently. I always felt like she was available when a question or concern arose and she made sure I understood my exposure and options. She’s a defender of rights, she’s the real deal. If you hire Naomi you can rest assured that you are in great hands.”

– J.J.

I feel extremely fortunate to have hired Naomi to handle my case. She always made time for me and my family, left no stone unturned, and fought for me every step of the way. Naomi is an aggressive and brilliant lawyer. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a great result. She will fight for you!

– J.P.

Naomi is the only criminal lawyer I would ever trust in. She simply goes over and beyond. I love how she was also very personal and involved.  She  genuinely showed by her actions she cared for me and my family and wanted the best results humanly possible! I have multiple experiences working with Naomi and thru thick and thin she’s  always been positive.  She’s a beautiful person!

– R.S.

Don’t be fooled by her friendly, easy-going demeanor. Ms. Chung will keep fighting for you until she gets you the fair outcome.

– H.R.

Ms. Chung was there for me in my most desperate times. Not only was she highly knowledgeable and professional, she handled my case as though she was the one going through the ordeal. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– A.S.

Naomi provided legal assistance for me on a Title 9 sexual harassment accusation with a successful result. She has  an excellent legal mind, great strategist and just the right balance of being tough when needed. I highly recommend her.

– P.M.