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The Strongest Defense Is Based In Knowledge

At Hickey & Chung, LLP, our team is highly qualified and well-regarded by our peers for our excellent representation in criminal and civil defense. With over 25 years of combined experience, a portfolio of prior cases in all varieties of defense work and the capacity to represent you when government agencies bring allegations.

Our lawyers are passionate and experienced in all areas of defense. They lead the state as teachers and create precedent-setting defense strategies. You can learn about their many contributions to the legal field below:

We Are Not Your Average Defense Attorneys

Attorneys Brendan Hickey and Naomi Chung are leaders in the field of defense litigation. Together, they undertake the kinds of cases that many shy away from. Their extensive work in criminal law, regulatory defense and other civil areas that frequently affect successful businesses and their employees puts them in an ideal position to represent clients facing:

Our attorneys are top-tier, award-winning defense lawyers with a wealth of professional resources at their disposal. You are in good hands at Hickey & Chung, LLP, in San Francisco.

Take A Firm Stance In The Face Of Allegations

The biggest issue at play in any kind of criminal or government investigation is to obtain the right attorney as soon as possible. Investigators, police and prosecutors are taking advantage of every moment you are without representation. Protect your interests today: 415-484-4547.