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San Francisco, CA 94111
Pier 9, Suite 100       San Francisco, CA 94111

Sexual Offenses

Being charged with a sexual offense is among the most stressful and frightening legal situations possible. You may be entirely innocent of the accusations, but even so, you will be forced into the position of defending yourself and clearing your name. At Hickey & Chung, we provide a team approach to defending our clients and […]

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence takes place in households of every socioeconomic background. In the Bay Area, the number of cases continues to rise, with 8,647 calls to domestic violence crisis lines in a recent year and 7,110 calls to 911 in San Francisco. At Hickey & Chung, we represent domestic violence victims and serve as defense counsel […]

Tax Offenses

You have the right to manage your finances in a manner that legally reduces the taxes you pay the IRS or the State of California. However, if the authorities believe you are violating the law to avoid paying the taxes you legitimately owe, you could be facing very serious legal consequences. Both the IRS and […]

Securities and Investment Fraud Defense 

The SEC has a powerful enforcement division that focuses on identifying any party, corporation, corporate executive, investment professional, or individual they believe engaged in committing financial crimes. The SEC focuses on identifying fraudulent investment schemes and constantly monitors social media and other types of cyber communications for “red flags.” The indicators they look for include […]

Health Care Fraud

We represent health care providers, plans, and patients in a wide range of billing fraud, anti-kickback, and other health care- related cases.

Firearms Offenses

Defending firearms cases effectively requires an in-depth understanding of the Fourth Amendment’s ban on unreasonable searches and seizures.

Violent Offenses

Being accused of a violent crime can destroy your life, regardless of your actual guilt. A good lawyer can be the difference between life and death.

RICO & Conspiracy Offenses

Conspiracy charges against multiple people are best defended by a group of skilled attorneys working together. We have lengthy experience defending conspiracies and can provide independent but collaborative counsel for families, friends, and colleagues who are jointly charged.

Regulatory Offenses

Not all investigations wind up in criminal court. That does not mean they cannot have life-altering consequences. We can help.

Computer Crimes

From hacking to cryptocurrency fraud, we are a 21st century law firm defending 21st century cases.
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