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Providing Specialized Legal Support To Cryptocurrency Investors

Lawmakers have taken notice of the flourishing cryptocurrency industry and have begun to implement measures to regulate it. The attorneys at Hickey & Chung, LLP, have seen the fallout. We are dedicated to helping investors in San Francisco keep their ventures safe from suffering the same fate through proper legal intervention.

Helping You Structure Your Cryptocurrency Venture

The crypto world is the modern equivalent of the gold rush in the old wild west. Many young, intelligent and ambitious people have enjoyed the golden opportunity of investing in digital assets. Legal regulations were slow to catch up, allowing these individuals to barrel ahead and make their fortune. But the landscape is shifting. The government has started to crack down.

That’s where Hickey & Chung, LLP, comes in. We know the law and can provide direction that keeps your venture in compliance with it. With legal guidance, you can build your portfolio without worrying about everything crashing down around you.

When Things Fall Apart, We Help Pick Up The Pieces

Cryptocurrency is uncharted territory. It’s easy to fly too close to the sun, fail to adhere to new regulations and be left with a huge mess to clean up. 

If you find yourself in this position, the attorneys at Hickey & Chung, LLP, are here to help. We help investors accused of fraud navigate the fallout, strive to minimize its damaging effects and help them take the necessary measures to avoid future legal issues.

Reach Out For Help Today

The idea of falling out of compliance and dealing with the legal repercussions is overwhelming. Don’t try to bear the burden alone – reach out for help. If you need direction in your cryptocurrency venture or are facing penalties, consult the skilled attorneys at Hickey & Chung, LLP. Call 415-484-4547 or send us a message to schedule an appointment.