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White collar crimes are unique for multiple reasons. One of the most distinctive elements of a white collar crime is its extensive documentation. When facing white collar crime accusations like fraud or embezzlement, you need to be prepared for a serious evidentiary challenge. Prosecutors often will investigate for years before ever considering filing charges. Failing to take the appropriate precautions or to take your case seriously can result in life-changing conviction.

At Hickey & Chung, LLP, our legal team comes together to use our combined experience, knowledge and skill to defend you against these allegations. We work with experts in forensic accounting and other specialized areas to build a defense strategy that you can trust. You are in good hands at 415-484-4547.

What Is A White Collar Crime?

White collar crimes involve businesses, documents or money as an integral part of their nature. They rarely involve any violence or physical altercations. Some crimes under this category include:

  • Embezzlement and fraud, including bank fraud, wire fraud and other issues
  • Money laundering and counterfeiting
  • Tax fraud, Medicare fraud and other benefits fraud
  • Identity theft and cyber crimes

The sheer amount of documentation and evidence can easily overwhelm both the person who is under investigation and also any jury involved. In many ways, the prosecutors hope for a death by a thousand cuts. The right defense can clarify and simplify so that the jury sees the real story.

You Need An Adaptable, Cutting Edge Defense

We no longer live in a world of printouts and physical receipts. Both California state prosecutors and federal prosecutors will take advantage of every piece of information on the internet. They may try to seize your computer. You cannot take a shortcut in protecting your rights. At Hickey & Chung, LLP, we work with cases like yours every day. We know the tactics a prosecutor will use during investigations, and we do not let them take advantage of you. Your rights matter. It is time to schedule your appointment at our San Francisco office: 415-484-4547.