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Regulatory Offenses

A violation of a state or federal regulation can lead to serious damage to a company or individual. At Hickey & Chung LLP, we represent the accused in federal and state regulatory offenses. A regulatory offense is prohibited by legislation rather than being under the state or federal criminal code. Regulations are established by government agencies and departments, followed by the establishment of administrative rules that carry the same force as the law but do not carry criminal penalties. The standard for proving guilt in these crimes is lower. The types of federal and state regulatory cases we defend include but are not limited to violations of the California Code of Regulations:

  • Business regulations
  • Education regulations
  • Industrial regulations
  • Investment regulations
  • Legal regulations
  • Professional and vocational regulations
  • Public health regulations
  • Managed health care regulations

Defense against federal regulatory offenses

A wide range of federal regulatory agencies exists with a vast array of potential violations that could lead to legal trouble that requires a defense. These agencies include:

  • CPSC: The Consumer Product Safety Commission enforces federal safety standards for consumer items.
  • EEOC: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is tasked with administering and enforcing Title VIII or Civil Rights Act cases.
  • FDIC: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation regulates the banking industry, mergers, and audits banks to identify violations.
  • FTC: The Federal Trade Commission regulates trade and the protection of consumers from unfair or deceptive business practices.
  • FDA: The Food and Drug Administration regulates food purity, drug testing and safety, and cosmetic products.
  • ICC: The Interstate Commerce Commission regulates commerce crossing state borders.
  • NLRB: The National Labor Relations Board works to prevent unfair labor practices by employers and unions.
  • OSHA: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration develops and enforces federal regulations and safety standards for working conditions.
  • SEC: The Security and Exchange Commission regulates and administers federal laws regarding the purchase and sale of securities.

Are you facing a regulatory offense?

The vast number of state and federal regulations make the risk of a violation high. Laws change year to year, and any failure to stay current with these changes can lead to a very troublesome legal problem. The agencies charged with the enforcement of statutes and regulations are given the power to investigate reports of violations and to initiate enforcement actions.

In many cases, the regulation offense will involve a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge or may occur in civil court. In either case, the knowledge and experience of your defense lawyer is arguably the most critical point in the outcome of your case.

Why choose Hickey & Chung LLP?

Defending against a regulatory offense requires a specific skill set. Our legal team at Hickey & Chung are skilled, passionate, and effective attorneys who have an uncommon level of dedication to the people they serve and consistently achieve positive results. In cases of regulatory offenses, your attorney must know the territory to navigate the legal process with skill and confidence. Attorney Brendan Hickey is a graduate of Harvard, a former federal defender, and Naomi Chung has gained a reputation for excellence at trial and was recently listed in SuperLawyers Rising Stars.